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The company of W.F. Leenen is one of the most prominent daffodil improvers in the world and is as always located in the so called Bulb Region (“Bollenstreek”) in the Netherlands. Two important factors ensure that this company now has a crucial position in the international trade in daffodils.

Driven to innovation

Firstly an unprecedented drive for innovation, that ever since the incorporation in 1954 is leading to the company being able to surprise the global community and that even resulted in the election as  ‘Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year 2002’ which, in the Netherlands, is the most prestigious prize in the entire agricultural sector.

In-depth knowledge

But this drive to innovation can only be realized thanks to a thorough and in-depth knowledge about the daffodil in the areas of cultivation, propagation and improvement.

Knowledge that has been transferred from generation to generation. This knowledge has increased continuously and shall definitely determine the future course of the company.

International operations

Since 2011 the company of W.F Leenen is located in a brand new head office in Voorhout, the Netherlands, where all activities are joined. Many daffodil varieties belong to the innovative inventions of the company of W.F. Leenen: W.F. Leenen is to be credited for the international transition of the cultivation of daffodils to take place on North Sea shells and it is working closely with the pharmaceutical industry to extract agents from the daffodil bulb for among others medicines and cosmetics.  The company of Leenen is strongly focused on the export of products; about 95% of the flowers and bulbs end up abroad.


Wim Leenen (1916-1985) is the founder of the present company. He lived in the small town of Warmond in the Bulb Region (Bollenstreek), where ever since 1891 daffodils were cultivated

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The company W.F. Leenen cultivation products in the Netherlands ( The bulb region , Drenthe and Texel) , England, Brazil , Australia and South Africa.

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