Our range

This is our spring range and will be available again  for deliveries in Europe from December 2017 and for the USA from Februari 2018. For more info contact us via the "contact" page.  For our summer range - available from 1 July 2017 see our summer range.

    Orange Rascal ®

    A dainty bright orange Rascal type. Suitable as a perennial. It requires a cold dormant period of 12 weeks at below 5?C for best results in the second year. It is therefore ideal as a garden plant in cold regions. Flower diameter of 6 cm.


    Pink Rascal ®

    Lovely pale pink Rascal. Floriferous from small size bulb. Performs well as pot-, garden- and patio plant. Produces 7-8 buds per stem.

    Red Rascal ®

    Floriferous from small size bulb. Even offsets will produce flowers in the second year. Suitable as pot- garden and patio plant.

    Viridi Rascal

    An exceptional colour combination together with it’s star shaped flower gives this variety an exotic appearance.

    White Rascal ®

    Pure white with a delicate flower. Floriferous from small size bulb. Plant three small bulbs per container for a beautiful show.

    Yellow Rascal ®

    The deepest yellow sonatini available. Trumpet shaped flowers. Perfect as a perennial in your garden. Also suitable for pot culture.

    Alasca ®

    Pure white double flowering. Very floriferous. An excellent  allround cultivar. Very popular choice.

    Balentino ®

    Our first sonatini cultivar and still one of the best performers in the garden and as patioplant.

    Swan lake ®

    Pure white trumpet shaped with a slight scent. Excellent as cutflower, patio and garden plant.


    A perfect cultivar for pot culture. Quick forcing time – flowers 5 weeks after date of planting.



    This apricot/ yellow cultivar is most suitable as cutflower and  perennial garden plant. Bulbs tolerate severe cold winter conditions.

    Eyecatcher ®

    A floriferous cultivar with a flower diameter of 14 cm, makes it bigger than the normal sonatini range. The bright orange outer rim with white center makes it a true “eyecatcher”. Bulbs will tolerate cold winters.

    Fluffy Rascal ®

    The first double flowering rascal. Genetically bred short rascal type makes it perfect as pot plant and for garden use.

    Sweet Sixteen ®

    Genetically bred short cultivar makes it perfect as pot and garden plant. Lovely magenta trumpet shaped flowers. Floriferous with up to 7 buds per stem.

    Ratatouille ®

    An exceptional colour combination. The almost orchid like flowers gives this cultivar an exotic appearance. In high demand by Hippeastrum lovers. Suitable as pot- garden- cutflower and garden plant.