Who are we?
Barnhoorn Hippeastrum Breeding is a company with forty years in- house experience in the breeding of Hippeastrum varieties.
W F Leenen & Zn. has been breeding and growing new Narcissus varieties since the nineteen thirties.

A joint venture  between W.F. Leenen and Barnhoorn Hippeastrum Breeding resulted in the formation of an innovative breeding programme which led to the development of a new product in the Hippeastrum market. We bring you this product under the name SONATINI.COM
Since the  early 90 's  W.F. Leenen has been looking for a product that could supplement their existing infrastructure for the production of Narcissus. During this same period Barnhoorn Hippeastrum Breeding was investigating  the possibility  of a new line in the genus "Hippeastrum" that would not only differ from the current "Amaryllis" but could  be grown in an energy-friendly way.
In 2001 a partnership was formed between the companies mentioned above. Barnhoorn Hippeastrum Breeding as the breeder with W.F. Leenen as the production company.
Using cold resistant species from the Amaryllidaceae family as genetic core  for our breeding programme, we developed a Hippeastrum that can easily be grown outdoors in the Netherlands or other moderate temperature zones around the world.

Sonatini is a crop resembling a mini Amaryllis. Our bulbs are grown outdoors in the Netherlands for production purposes. Planting is done in springtime. Growth takes place in the summer months. Bulbs are lifted in the Fall.

  • Hardy bulb
  • Very floriferous. Multiple stems per bulb with many buds per stem
  • Genetically short varieties suitable  for pot culture
  • Excellent for garden planting.
  • Good vase life.
Wide variety in colors.

For an overview of our varieties see "range"