Garden Planting:
Sonatini ™ is an excellent garden plant. The bulbs must be planted in a sunny position from the beginning of April until the end of July. The bulbs bloom 6 to 8 weeks after planting. Should you wish to treat them as a perennial, we advise you to plant them before end of May as they need sufficient growing time to build their reserves and initiate the flower formation for next year. During dry spells plants should be watered regularly. Supplementary feeding during the growing season may be done with a general fertilizer e.g. NPK 12-10-18.
Plants will go dormant late in Fall. You can re-use the bulbs by lifting them. Cure them by drying in a well ventilated room for two weeks at room temperature. Store them for at least 10 weeks at 5-12 ˚C. Should you wish to leave the bulbs in the soil ( perennial), then mulch the bulbs with a layer of leaves, wood pulp or peat to protect against severe frost.
Snails and slugs can cause damage to the leaves causing a reduction in growth. In  humid weather conditions fungus infection may occur. Use a general fungicide as a preventative measure.
Pot Plant:
Sonatini ™ may be used year round as a pot plant. Plant the bulbs with 1/3 of the bulb above soil level.  A potting mixture of peat and coconut coir is ideal. Water after potting then keep dry for 2 weeks. The best forcing temperature is between 16 °C and 20 °C. bulbs will bloom 6-8 weeks after (the) planting date. Plants tolerate direct sunlight and should be grown under sufficient light.
Patio plant:
Plant three or five bulbs in a large pot for a  spectacular show on your patio. Treatment as for "potted plant".
A tip for the next year:  Fertilize  every 6 weeks. Grow until the end of October then let the plants go dormant. Put away the dry pot at 5-12 °C c for 12 weeks. After this dormant period  bring into bloom again at 18 ° C.